Another hockey filled weekend

It's Hockey Season

It's Hockey Season Again

Thanksgiving weekend is upon us; what will you be doing? Much like the rest of my weekends, I’ll be on the couch plugging away on homework assignment after homework assignment. For months, I’ve barely left the house on the weekends. It’s starting to get depressing. Although with the start of hockey season, the couch has become a little bit more comfortable. And the homework, a little less pressing.

But last weekend I did leave the house; because I had to. One of my current projects is to develop a website for my husband’s hockey team. That meant I needed to go get some photos. So I layered up and headed to the Canadian Athletic Club to try and get some decent shots.  And I did.  But what I also got was the refreshing memories of being at the rink.

There’s something about the rink that causes an exhilarating peacefulness to wash over me. Walking into an empty rink after the zamboni is gone but before the players arrive is the best place in the world. The way it smells, the eerie silence. It’s offers a comforting anticipation of what’s to come next.

My husband plays again on Thanksgiving Sunday. And I’ll be there.  With my camera. Taking a break to feel alive, if only for 60 minutes.


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