It’s been a long time, Old Friend

The Way I See It #26

The Way I See It #26

I’m sure not many people can claim that a Starbucks cup changed their life; I can.

About a year ago I started getting my daily Americano (with two pumps of white chocolate mocha please) in the cup with this quote on. Every time. Not just often; every time. For a long time I ignored it. Then it started to get creepy. Surly Starbucks must make more than one cup design. So I started looking at the cups my friends were getting; they were different.


I started to really read what was on this cup. Eventually, I cut it out and posted it on my cubicle wall. The cubicle wall that I saw every day when I went to my job. A job that payed me incredibly well, at which I was fairly successful, and where I frequently heard the expression, “what would we do without you, Jess?” I think you can see where I’m going with this. If you can’t, reread the photo above.

Yep, success is dangerous. Before I knew what happened, I was celebrating five years doing a job that made me sad. I had known for years that I needed to do something else; but what? And even if I did figure out what, where would I find the balls to take that leap?

Four months ago, some how, some way, I jumped. At 32, I’m once again a full-time student. Third times’ a charm, right?  I no longer get a pay cheque. The magic cleaning fairies who used to clean my toilet while I was at work no longer come around. I have to pay for things like my own prescriptions and chiropractic appointments (gasp). I haven’t heard that familiar expression, “what would we do without you, Jess?” once since June. And the worst part is that in two months when I graduate, I have no idea what I’m going to do.

Suddenly the PRAISE and MONEY and OPPORTUNITY have vanished.

And I couldn’t be happier.


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