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With the rapid retirement of Baby Boomers, X’ers are starting to fill executive roles and I suspect that means the way business is conducted will start to change. The Boomers were a dedicated, hard-working bunch who valued company-loyalty. They were often heard saying things like “you get what you pay for” or “you get out of it what you put in”. Great words to live by but are they still true?

X’ers have a sense of entitlement; I know, I am one. We should get that promotion because we deserve it, not necessarily because we earned it. We went to post secondary school because we were told that piece of paper would earn us a good salary and stable job. With that degree or diploma in hand, we felt as though we’d earned a certain level of respect in the working world.  After all, many Boomers never got a degree and they had executive roles; surely we must not have to start at the bottom of the ladder.

How did this happen? Where did our sense of entitlement come from?

As parents, Boomers encouraged us kids to get an education, to take advantage of the privileges handed to us. As parents often do, they coddled us. We were told we were “special” and could “be anything we wanted to be”. They wanted our road to be an easier one to travel than their own. And therein lies the problem.

We are being handed things too easily. The younger generations (X’ers included) can find any information they want with the simple click of a button. But what has that done for free-thinking? Are we too easily willing to accept what we read on the internet; no questions ask? How often do you hear the phrase, “you know, they say [insert random quote here]”  Who are “they”? Are “they” telling the truth? Do we research what we’re reading and make sure the source is reliable, the facts true?  Are we no longer thinking for ourselves?

Our society’s lack of free-thinking have allowed large corporations and media giants to pollute our minds. From the “climate change controversy” to weight-loss plans and most recently whether or not you should get the H1H1 flu shot; we don’t know what to believe anymore. And very few of us take the time to discover how we really feel about these issues. There are plenty of passionate, dedicated people in this world who wholeheartedly believe in a cause but it scares me to think of how few of them are actually well-informed about what they believe.

I hope this posts gives you something to think about. We all need to take time out of our busy schedule to sit quietly and think our own thoughts; not someone elses.

Find some peace and discover your own thoughts.

Find some peace and discover your own thoughts.


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